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I focus on effecttive Personal & Professional crisis Management including dating.


Familiarise yourself with online dating tips and boost your skills. Thereby improving yourself and increasing your chance of finding true love.





Sienna Shittu-Lane .





Ladies /Guys never ask someone you have never met for money. Once you do, you become a scammer! If you need some help ask friends and families you know! This is more common with ladies. Avoid the pressure to do so or get a Loan.


Guys / Ladies avoid making promises directly or  implicitly.

If you do, this could be confidence trick. You could lose value and 

you risk spoiling a beautiful relationship you have started.

  • Keep your vitals and details e.g full names, addresses, emails etc until you know someone well enough.
  • Don't share pictures exposing too much of yourself. Keep it decent.
  • Cut off from anyone demanding nude photos from you and report such acivities. It's your life defend it.



Sienna Shittu-Lane has being a leader for 20years. She is an entrepreneur, and Professional Public Speaker. Sienna has influenced organisational decisions for MNC's for 14years. She shares her experience through her Social Media; Youtube channel Leadership Series, Broadcast on twitter, Journals and some free podcast.


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Topics Include:

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  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Making Teams work

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Dating is one of the most difficult things to do once you've passed the age of 21. Mainly due to the increased self-awareness and a huge sense of responsiblity. My job here is to help you deal with some of these challenges, possibly motivate you and help you Revive yourself again! Through counselling sessions, motivational chats (via phone or online counselling chats) and or your preferred medium e.g emails.


Many this days find 30-70 of day time online into one relationship or another (work, school, friendships,and or intimate relationships) .We often find stress and increased difficulty managing and finding that much desired balance. Am here to counsel you on relationship difficulties that you have providing your support solutions.



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